[RC5] Build 415 with MMX capability

Chris Eaton tridus at inforamp.net
Wed Jul 15 18:00:27 EDT 1998

At 02:29 AM 14/07/98 , you wrote:
>You know, I think d.net are digging a bit of a hole with the release of the
>MMX-enabled clients for DES-II-2.
>Assuming that we will make the 10 day limit without them, then their use
>this time round makes DES-II-3 much harder. The better strategy might have
>been to use the new speed on DES-II-3 but not on DES-II-2. The only reason
>for using them now is if the 10 day limit were breached.

Glady.. the goal here is to see how fast we can beat DES, not try to set it up
so more prize money can be won more easily. If they have faster cores, they
should use them as soon as possible, and not wait. Anything less is really
defeating the purpose of the contest.
"A gentile kind of wonderful,
the sweetest days are always full,
of ordinary miracles.
Each time I hold you near,
it's an ordinary miracle."

- Amy Sky: "Ordinary Miracles"


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