[RC5] Differing processor speeds

Michael P. Gorse mgorse at WPI.EDU
Thu Jul 16 18:39:54 EDT 1998

On Wed, 15 Jul 1998, Patrick wrote:
> K6-233  :  1.29  Mk/s
> K6-233  :  1.34  Mk/s
> K6-233  :  1.35  Mk/s
> Dual PPro-200 :  1.67 Mk/s
> Pmmx-233 :  1.8 Mk/s      95 osr2
> Pmmx-233 :  1.83 Mk/s

I wish my M2-pr233 cracked des blocks that fast; I get about 870 kk/s.
Are Cyrix processors just not able to crack des blocks as quickly as
Pentium/AMD processors?  Seems like Pentium-233-mmx processors crack des
blocks about twice as fast as a Cyrix M2-pr233 (clocked at 187.5mhz).

Also, why do the dos clients not have support for tcp/ip through packet
drivers (there is a port of Wattcp for djgpp that handles this, for
example).  And is the source for the des cores freely available, or just
the rc5 core?

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