[RC5] [ADMIN] DES-II-2 is over...

Olaf Thormaehlen tho at hex.ruhr.de
Fri Jul 17 23:38:24 EDT 1998


On 17-Jul-98 Adam L. Beberg wrote:

> We congratulate them for their achievement, and hope they have fun
> playing Quake on their new box for the next 6 months until DES-II-3.

> We hope to see the EFF again for DES-II-3 at which point we expect
> our general purpose architecture to be at least 2.6 times faster
> than it is now. In the meantime distributed.net will pursue other
> distributed computing projects like RC5-64.

wouldn´t it be better to build a client (RC5 is sufficient, they *have* a good
DES-client) for that thing? 


ps: it would be *very* nice to get the client for AIX to work on SMP-machines
(SP/2, 8x604e, 200MHz each). to whom do i complain about that?! 

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