[RC5] [ADMIN] DES-II-2 is over...

Jason Untulis untulis at netgate.net
Fri Jul 17 16:01:57 EDT 1998

Pete Krawczyk <petek at mc.net> wrote:

: At 03:49 AM 7/17/98 -0500, Alan Beberg wrote:
FYI, it's Adam...

: >In a press release (http://www.eff.org/descracker.html) the Electronic
: >Frontier Foundation (EFF) announced today that it had beat DES-II-2
: >using a machine it developed for US$250,000 designed specifically to
: >crack DES.
: I'd like to point out that the EFF claims that their key was found
: at approximately 25% of the keyspace, or after searching over 17
: quadrillion keys.  This is approximately the same point that
: distributed.net is at now.
: Which means someone should crunch the "winning" block today.

Assuming that they were searching in the same "direction" as we were. If
your assumption holds, it's sort of a bummer that we didn't get there

: And if you read the press release, they said the DES cracking was
: software based.  Thus, we should be able to get them an RC5 core.


That's not the way I read that. Although the code to check to see if a
particular key is *the* one is software, the hardware is where the speed
comes from and that is checking NOT *the* one. It's unclear from the FAQ
how specific the hardware is, but my gut reaction is that it only works
for DES, not RC5 or anything else. (And it's probably bit-length specific,
i.e. a RC5-64 cracking chip wouldn't be useful for RC5-72, although the
reverse might not be strictly true....)

Maybe this is alternate approach for the RC5 hardware team... or the
software core team... Is it faster to check if a key is or isn't *the*
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