[RC5] Splitting of buff files

Peter Hugosson-Miller pehu at im.se
Mon Jul 20 09:47:33 EDT 1998

Hi there!

Yes, all these suggestions are fine for those running multiple computers

that are networked in some way, but what about those of us that have one

or more sneakernetted machines?

A utility to split buff-in.* files _would_ be a good thing to have. Not
particularly high priority or anything, but nevertheless a necessary
complement to reduce bandwidth demands on the keyservers. A utility to
merge buff-out.* files would also be _a_good_thing_ to have.

OK, I am only running two machines, one of which can fetch and flush
blocks via e-mail, so I just need to send two e-mails a day to flush,
and one for each machine when it is time to fetch.

But think of the poor souls who have ten machines to take care of. One
e-mail to fetch blocks, run the utility to split the buff-in into bite
sized pieces, and that's ten machines fed. Similarly at the end of the
day, collect up all the buff-outs, merge them using the utility, and
send one e-mail to flush them. This has _got_ to be a useful facility to


So, no more talk about networked machines, back to the original
question: Does anyone fancy making a utility to split/merge buff-in.*
and buff-out.* files??? Or someone - give me enough information about
the file formats, and I'll do it myself (and share the results with

Best regards,

Peter Hugosson-Miller

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