[RC5] AIX RC5 client

Dave Marquardt marquard at zilker.net
Sun Jul 19 23:28:12 EDT 1998

olaf thormaehlen <tho at hex.ruhr.de> writes:
> Marc Sira wrote:
> > 
> > >ps: it would be *very* nice to get the client for AIX to work on
> SMP-machines
> > >(SP/2, 8x604e, 200MHz each). to whom do i complain about that?!
> > 
> > Are you unable to run multiple copies? Since they're all niced, it wouldn't
> > actually increase the load on the system (though it does increase that of
> > the scheduler). 
> i tried to start 8 clients in the same directory (working on the same
> rc5-buff.in), but they all started to work on the same block. (worse
> yet: killing them made every process save its work into rc5-buff.out, so
> that after restarting *one* client it would first calculate the same
> block 8 times, resuming the work of the 8 processes :-). 

I *do* run 8 clients on an 8-way SMP AIX system, and I do it by
starting each with different arguments for the checkpoint files, log
files and output files.  No problem at all.  I can even send my start
script if someone is interested.

> i don´ t have the time to maintain 8 different directories, because i
> have to do it by hand (machine is not connected to the internet).
> > We (UVic) have one of those too, though there's no way I
> > could ever convince them to ever run RC5 on it. :)  That's a very nice
> > machine; the 604e is still the fastest chip for RC5 (though 750s are very
> > respectable).
> we have three of them. on (idle) processor gets me nearly 670.000
> kkeys/s.
> > Are you instead looking for a multithreaded client that can work on an
> > arbitrary number of blocks in the same process?
> this would be the best thing for me. have to test the new AIX-client
> (out some days) because it seems to have that "-numcpu" switch.

-numcpu didn't seem to work for me.

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