[RC5] We need strong international encryption - - - > We nee d to move on to V3

Steve Bird sbird at UATC.com
Mon Jul 20 10:20:23 EDT 1998

Besides, I think its time for us to move in a different direction.  We and
the EFF have proven that current encryption standards are too weak. I have
no problem working on RC5-64 until a new project can be attacked.  But, I'm
getting sick of working on encryption methods and a couple of PCs that I
have access to are already working on GIMPS, d.net could move WAY faster
than they could/are... we have SO many more users.  Meanwhile, we can just
hit the newer contests as they come up.  For example, work on GIMPS and when
DES-III arrives, go to work on that then go back to GIMPS.  

Whatever happened to that chess project thing anyway??

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	I have the feeling that d.net is unlikely to win any more RSA

	-Ed       (still plugging away on 64 anyway...)
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