[RC5] APM and keyrates and linux

N. Hailey rc5 at demona.com
Mon Jul 20 10:44:17 EDT 1998

ok, I'm running Linux and have a p2L97 Asus mb with a pII 233,
it is cool and grovey untill it goes into powersave mode(which I want it
to do, ie power low the HDs and the Monitor when I'm not home during the
day as I keep the box up 24-7). 

I just realized that it must be suspending the rc5 client as well, since I
noticed that while I was using the machine it would complete more blocks
than when I wasn't using it (whish seemed pretty counter intuitive for
me). Also the system time is lagging.

So I was wondering if anyone had some clues for using apm with linux and
have it not effect the client so much...


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