[RC5] APM and keyrates and linux

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Mon Jul 20 13:53:44 EDT 1998

'N. Hailey' said previously:
| ok, I'm running Linux and have a p2L97 Asus mb with a pII 233,
| it is cool and grovey untill it goes into powersave mode(which I want it
| to do, ie power low the HDs and the Monitor when I'm not home during the
| day as I keep the box up 24-7). 

Powering down the HD and monitor should not affect keyrate (except
slightly if the disk needs to spin up to feed the client a block).  
Powering down or slowing down the CPU to save power ("sleep mode") 
*will* slow down the client. 

Usually, you can achieve montior power-down w/out APM support (VESA
blanking modes are separate from APM BIOS issues.)  My X server is set
to invoke standby, sleep, and power-off modes on my monitor
automagically without any other APM support compiled in.

Try compiling a kernel w/out APM support and see what happens.



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