[RC5] d.net, processor upgrades, winning contests, preferred blocksizes

Mike Reed mike.reed at mcmail.com
Mon Jul 20 14:21:59 EDT 1998

First of all, I'd like to say that I think we have a good chance
of winning more RSA contests...look at it this way...a 486 does
70,000k/s...when that 486 gets upgraded and a P2 replaces it, the
P2 is doing about 700,00k/s...as I see it, computers get upgraded
in 3 or 4 year cycles...is there any way of seeing how many
486s/P75s etc. there are? All we have to do is recruit more CPUs
to the project.

David, the preferred blocksize thing is there for people like me
with slow CPUs...doing a 31 takes 8 hours on my machine...that's
3 a day when the rest of the machine is idle...I like to see my
machine making progress...don't worry, when I upgrade to a P2,
I'll be doing 30s or something...

Our machines aren't designed to run RC5 contests, they are
designed for regular office stuff...the EFF may have won DES, but
we'll beat them someday...maybe next time...

Just some thoughts...help d.net...goto www.eyegive.com ...over
$7,800 raised so far...

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