[RC5] We need strong international encryption!

WebDesign Bt. mailtous at webdesign.hu
Mon Jul 20 04:47:05 EDT 1998


sorry for talking sci-fi, but any key seems to be crack-proof today
will be nonsense when the first commercial (or even non-commercial)
quantum computer will appear. I read - there is a certain quantum-like
computer working made of protein. The idea - as I understand is - that
all possible computation is going on simultaneously. You may read a 
little bit more about this protein computer in Scientific American (but 
don't ask the issue, I don't remember...)

Thanks for your time I promise this was the last one that I 
told any of these presently sci-fi things... 

As I know the basical idea were coming from Mr. Feynmann. :)


Zsolt Farago
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