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Subject: Re: the DEATH of d.net?
From: "Ryan Schmidt" <berrytech at bigfoot.com>
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>When one thinks about
>scale, one can see that to upgrade all of distributed.net's processors
>would take millions of dollars. It also means that in 18 months or so, Deep
>Crack will either be twice as fast, or cost only $125,000.

I see it as the opposite. I just upgraded my computer, from a Quadra 630 to a
PowerBook G3. Now I crack 25 times more keys than before. Other people who run
d.net clients eventually upgrade as well -- that's just the way things go.
Meanwhile, it's hard for me to see Deep Crack being upgraded, because it's such
a big chunk of money. Of course, I'm also having trouble figuring out how they
justified creating it in the first place...

>I think that perhaps distributed.net needs to
>rethink things on a top level, that is, instead of spending our efforts
>making faster, more efficient clients to do the same work, we should be
>looking for more valuable work.

>Nobody needs a code cracking client to do their daily work

I don't think d.net needs to rethink anything. They know perfectly well that
cracking encryption isn't the most exciting project. It's just something to keep
us going until v3, which is the promise of a client which can accept plug-in
cores -- cores for any conceivable project. You could even write your own core
if you like. Make your distributed network do whatever you want it to.

>our claim of "speed through sharing" is being challenged on the speed end
>by Deep Crack and on the sharing end by Jini.

I just don't think so. d.net's speed will increase; that's what happens when
people are added to the team or when existing members upgrade their machines.
And while Jini apparently holds the same promise, d.net already has all these
members recruited, which will (hopefully soon) be able to perform more useful
work through v3.

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