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     If someone has an appropriate tool, I'd be interested in rough 
     estimates of the following numbers:
     Assuming that the keyrate growth curves are similar (in the 
     technical geometry sense -- i.e., identical except for stretching) 
     what would have been the DES-II-2 keyrate that corresponds to the 
     point on the DES-II-1 keyrate graph where the DES-II-1 key was 
        In other words, assuming that the growth patterns in the DES 
     keyrate for the two efforts is identical, what would have been the 
     estimated peak keyrate on DES-II-2?
     Alternatively, assuming that the curves are "well modelled" by the 
     Atan() function, what are the expected (upper) asymptotic values of 
     both keyrates.
        It is reasonable to assume that the switchover to DES was 
     logistic in both cases.  Although this doesn't give exactly Atan(), 
     it is a decent first approximation.
        It might help to treat *all* keyrates prior to the start date as 
     zeroes (to "factor out" the heavy-handed discreteness of the sample 
        I'm not looking for a multi-hour project.  Just a parameter or 
     two and a rough search for a minimal error over the parameter space, 
     then an estimate of the upper bound on the approximants.
        I'm tool-less and writing this in MS-DOS Shell (batch) is not 
     necessarily a fun way to go.
            -- Eric Gindrup ! gindrup at okway.okstate.edu

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