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Vitiello, Eric (BHS) Evitiello at bhsi.com
Thu Jul 23 12:38:46 EDT 1998

>>our claim of "speed through sharing" is being challenged on the speed
>>by Deep Crack and on the sharing end by Jini.

>I just don't think so. d.net's speed will increase; that's what happens
>people are added to the team or when existing members upgrade their
>And while Jini apparently holds the same promise, d.net already has all
>members recruited, which will (hopefully soon) be able to perform more
>work through v3.

from what I have read so far, and can infer from those articles about
Jini (one of the better articles appears in this month's Wired), it is
going to be the next evolutionary step in computers and distributed

The first step (as I see it) towards true distributed computing was SMP
and other multi-processor systems.  in effect, this laid down the
pathways for computers to be viewed more abstractly as simply a box of
processing power.  SMP is distributed computing inside one box.

Then came along distributed.net.  They have provided a software package
that allows chunks of items that need to be processed to be given out to
separate computers, and then have "server" computers concatenate those
into a working copy.  This of this nature have been done for quite
sometime, just not on such a large scale. (Take for instance 3d
rendering packages such as RenderMan, 3DStudio, Softimage... all of
these have over-the-network rendering options that distribute the work
between multiple computers).

The next step is Jini, or a Jini like-OS.  This will bring distributed
computing down to the base level.  Rather than running a program for a
specific kind of process, i.e. distributed.net's client for cracking
keys, 3DStudio for rendering, the OS will simply handle the efficient
distribution of processing amongst all of the computers on the
network... effectively making one large supercomputer.  Of course Jini
also brings other promises such as  'plug-and-work' functionality...
somehting computer manufacturers just haven't seemed to get working.

I think that the people at Sun developing Jini should go talk to the
guys at distributed.net who are actually having substantial real-world
experience in this area, and find out the pitfalls, and get alot of
on-the-job input.

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