[RC5] What kind of technology are you using ?????

Support team generic e-mail account postofc at sgcs.gr
Tue Jul 21 11:03:57 EDT 1998

Hello guys,

I've been on the contest for about 5 days now.
The reason for e-mailing the list is that I would
like to know what it takes to produce key rates
like those seen at the top of the Top-100 list....

I use several multiprocessor Unix boxes (3 of them
have 10 CPUs each) but still I can't do anything better
than :

   Overall Rate: 1716.56 kkeys/sec 

as shown in the stats page.

I have confidence on the machines I use. They are used for
parallel code execution and benchmarking and have proved 
*really* effective and fast so far. In total there are
35 - 40 CPUs working on the problem. Do you think that
the key rate produced is reasonable ?

I was wondering what kind of hardware you guys at the top of 
the Top-100 list use... :-))


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