[RC5] Re: Block sizes

Mary Conner trif at serv.net
Mon Jul 20 21:59:12 EDT 1998

On Mon, 20 Jul 1998, Mike Spann wrote:
> You are correct that you only need 4 lists from the point of view of
> handing them out.  Unfortunately there are additional problems when it
> comes to reporting blocks.

The one issue (proxies compressing info on reporting) and the other
(having different size queues for outgoing blocks) don't have anything
to do with one another.

Leaving aside the fact that most of d.net's efforts right now are going
into clients (everybody runs a client, not everybody runs a pproxy),
there isn't much that would make having four separate queues difficult.
On the surface it would appear that you would never have queued more
than 1 block of each of the smaller size blocks.  This is true if you
are generating blocks from a new keyspace, but when keyspaces are
reissued, there are a lot of smaller blocks such that the smaller
size queues could end overflowing and backed up.  Of course, the
solution here is to have a limit to those queues, and anything beyond
that limit gets handed to clients even if they're asking for bigger.
That way you never get stagnation.  There have to be a significant
number of clients asking for ^28 blocks given the number of odd size
blocks my client receives.

However, coding changes like these takes time, and given that the
proxies work despite being a bit inconvenient, IMHO effort right
now is best spent on the clients.

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