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Brice D. Fleckenstein ciga at surf-ici.com
Tue Jul 28 14:56:40 EDT 1998

> The reason for e-mailing the list is that I would
> like to know what it takes to produce key rates
> like those seen at the top of the Top-100 list....
> I use several multiprocessor Unix boxes (3 of them
> have 10 CPUs each) but still I can't do anything better
> than :
>    Overall Rate: 1716.56 kkeys/sec 

 I'm nowhere near the top 100 (at my current rate, I should eventually
settle in around the top 500 or so).

 What I have is a net of machines, 9x AMD K5-166s, K5-133, 2x K5-75s, an
IDT C6-200, and a 486DX2-50 currently.
 This conglomeration is good for a little over 4100 kkeys/sec
consistantly (inconsistancy in my stats are a function of pproxy server

 It SOUNDS like your Unix multi-CPU boxes are very early Alpha or
486-class machines, *OR* you are not actually getting them to use ALL of
the CPUs you have.

 As far at the Top 100 go, I suspect most of them have access to
hundred(s) of machines, and/or some *really high end* P-II or PowerPC or
Alpha systems - likely both of the above for the top 10.

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