[RC5] [RC5-Mac] the DEATH of d.net?

Harijs Ausmanis harijs at parks.lv
Tue Jul 28 22:32:49 EDT 1998

Between the reasons for staying in the d.net's project when V3 will arrive
Eric Gindrup mentioned there wasn't one reason that was mentioned here right
on this mailing list a long time ago - when the SETI project hadn't even
surfaced yet. The idea was renting out supercomputer time for companies for
better prices than they could rent real supercomputers. Has this been
cancelled out or is this still in the plan?

Also, I think that the 2.6 times bigger d.net's strength when DES II-3 will
come up won't have any use since because the DES II-2 was solved in 2.5
days, DES II-3 will have to be solved in something like less than a day. As
far as I recall from the DES II-2 stats, in the first day of DES II-2 we did
something like 0.6% - so with 2.6 times more processing power we will do
about 1.5%. A very fat chance, I think.

BTW, it is quite interesting how many years at d.net's current speed would
we need to crack RC5-72 in case we are lucky and crack RC5 - 64 tomorrow.

Another thing that surprises me is that nobody here has even mentioned of
d.net taking up some of the Certicom's eliptic curve challenges or including
them in the V3. If I recall correctly, there are a lot of challenges
available from some 109 to about 256 or so bits, now there are challenges
with a low bit amount available and the prize for those things is $10000
just like the RSA labs challenges (and $250000 for the 256 bit challenge).
And, if the ECCp (or something like that) group can crack them in 25 days
with 100 Alphas, I think we can crack them rather easy (I think we even have
more Alphas alone, not counting the other systems). Moreover, nobody is
solving those challenges currently. And, as far as I know, we have currenly
got the person who made the Windows 32 bit client for X86 CPUs for the ECCp
97 bit challenge on our D.net's team - Dimitris Tsapakiadis. Well?

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