[RC5] Remote RC5 Client Control

Jason D. Jordan guru at swami.pcguru.com.au
Wed Jul 29 11:38:27 EDT 1998

Howdy Folks,

Many of you who use NT may have tried the "Remote Cows" app which provides a
convenient way to manage RC5 Clients remotely.

I have some ideas for improving it but the author doesn't respond to my
e-mails so I thought I'd toss them around in here and see if anyone else has
the will/ability to put such a thing together.

I have around 2000 P200MMX and better PC's that I can run the client on.  I
cannot possibly go around to every workstation so what I need is for Remote
Cows or similar to be able to "detect" all the available NT workstations on
the LAN and then allow me to choose which ones to install the service to.
Of course some workstations are over the WAN but those can be manually

I'd like to be able to choose what USERID and PASSWORD I connect to the
remote workstation as because some of the workstations use different
userid's and passwords.

I'd like scheduling built in.  It would be preferable if I could get the app
to start the services at 1900hrs and stop it at 0600hrs.  Automatically.  I
don't have the time to do it manually every night and morning.

I'd like it to be able to issue a flush/fetch and/or update command.

I'd like it to have a built in routine for stopping the service and updating
it to the new client, then restarting it.  This should effectively be a
one-button operation.

I'd like the status window to check regularly that PC's are still up and
still crunching.  The Proxy Monitor helps out here by showing me how many
blocks a particular PC has crunched today, but it would be great if an alarm
status could be raised if a workstation HASN'T reported in.

I know I'm asking for a lot but with Remote Cows the bulk of the hard work
has been done already.  It's ALMOST what I need.

How would *you* manage 2000 workstations?



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