[RC5] [ADMIN] State of distributed.net Address - July 30th, 1998

Adam L. Beberg beberg at distributed.net
Thu Jul 30 00:17:00 EDT 1998

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*** News ***

For the week ending 7/25/98, we did 61.9 million blocks for an average
keyrate of 27,474 Mk/s. This is an increase of 3.525 million blocks
and 10.951 Gk/s from last week (which included DES-II-2).
At 27,474 Mk/s, it will take 20.98 years to exhaust the keyspace,
down from 23.55 years two weeks ago, and 78.96 years after our first
month on the project (11/22/97). If our rate is growing linearly at
31,397 blocks per day, we will exhaust the keyspace in 5.0 years. If
our keyrate is doubling every 126 days, we will exhaust the keyspace 
in 1.9 years. As a point of interest, our daily keyrate passed 
30 Gk/s for the first time _ever_ Monday, at 30.279 Gk/s.

*** Logo Design Contest ***

We are now holding a Design contest for the new distributed.net logo.

The current idea is a wireframe globe, solid where the land is, with
a string of ones and zeros in orbit. This idea is _NOT_ final, any
creative modification is possible and encouraged. Your task, should
you choose to accept it is to design/implement a logo. All
submissions due Sunday, August 22nd, 1998. More detailed guidelines
will be posted to http://www.distributed.net/design/

This might be a good time to recruit those graphical people you know
and show them how great distributed.net is :)

*** New Stats Box Progress ***

There is actually a working machine, statsbox-ii, that is in the
early stages of becoming the official stats box.  During burn-in,
some of the donated RAM turned out to be bad, and one of the 1gb hard
drives failed which has set things back slightly.  There's also a
definate cooling problem that will have to be addressed.  With two 
PII-300 furnaces and four hard drives, even the full tower case gets
much warmer than we're comfortable with.  However, we expect the new
box to be fully operational very soon which should alleviate the bulk
of our stats headaches. Thanks once again to all those who donated.

  Adam L. Beberg
  beberg at distributed.net
  distributed.net founder

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