[RC5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #226

Greg Delisle gdelisle at indiana.edu
Thu Jul 30 21:06:53 EDT 1998

> >issues.  However it *will be* twisted for other people's purposes when 64
> >is cracked, how should d.net react?  What steps can d.net take to help
> >minimize the opportunity to have the results used this way?  Comments?
> I agree about the twisting of the facts.  It really bothered me that the
> FBI would use d.net to prove how secure DES is!

Those with vested interests will always twist the facts to support their
position, or else try to subvert the facts with FUD. Or both. That's one
of the reasons why EFF's press release was so strongly worded, to make
sure the implications are crystal clear. Even so, you see the press
"getting it wrong."

Hey, on another topic -- I recall seeing another press release come down
one of these lists on the same day the EFF cracked DES, this one from
Gilmore himself where he describes a years-long search for a DES key that
resolves one consistent string of data into another, and that Deep Crack
found a key that resolves a string of 8F8F8F8F into 00000000 or some such.
Since I don't know that much about the technicalities of cryptanalysis,
was he describing a weakness that has been found in DES? If not, what
exactly was he talking about?

I'm getting some big bruises from kicking myself over not having kept that
release, so if someone wiser than me could re-post it (and send me some
arnica ointment) I'd be most grateful.

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