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Thompson, Christopher CThompson at suncor.com
Thu Jul 30 16:09:45 EDT 1998

	Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 15:26:11 -0500
	From: Greg Delisle <gdelisle at indiana.edu>
	Subject: [RC5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #225 (LONG reply)

	Folks, my point about Moore's Law was addressed specifically to
the Deep
	Crack-type machine. Distributed.net can leverage Moore's Law,
but the
	reason we have outgrown the Law by such a vast amount has
*nothing whatever
	to do with technology.* PEOPLE have grown d.net, and if the
people leave,
	d.net will shrink, and THAT is our problem. D.net must grow at
the same
	rate it is growing at now. That is a people problem, and people
do not
	increase their participation according to Moore's Law or any
other law.

A counterpoint to this argument.  When I first joined the
distributed.net effort, I had a Pentium 133 that I ran the client on.
Now, due to Moore's Law, I have seen fit to have that upgraded to a
Pentium II 300 MMX.  I no longer have the old system.  My contribution
has grown specifically because of Moore's Law.

If computers did not get faster all the time, I would have stayed with
the Pentium 133.

Yes, this is just one example.  But if you assume we get *nobody* else
joining distributed.net and nobody leaving, it is still a fair
assumption that the people currently involved will buy newer, faster
computers because of Moore's Law.

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