[RC5] Question, RE: Block Sizes....

Alpha42 alpha42 at hempseed.com
Tue Jun 30 17:55:45 EDT 1998

I just upgraded to the new 2.710 clients on a few of my 'hardcore cruncher
machines' (2.7M RC5 Keys Benchmark Between the five of them)... anyway, I
accidently set the block size at 2^31 for all of them.... of course... this
altered my 'time to complete block' enormously... (as I understand it
would)... but what happens in regards to stats and everything else? (ie:
persproxys).. how do these handle larger block requests???  Does a 2^31
block still only count as one block? (even though it's much larger then a
2^28 block!?)

Just wondering... long time fan, only recent 'major participant'..... first
time poster to the list. <smile>

I should be able to convert over the other machines here on the lan to 2.710
intime for the DES challenge... (Total of about 8.4Mkeys/sec RC5, according
to my pproxy).... I just wanted to convert these few over first... until
everyone is content that 2.710 is nice and stable.... (these machines are
all under my desk.. the others are staggered around a bit...)

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