[RC5] Linux-problem strikes back

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Tue Jun 2 07:35:13 EDT 1998

'Tomasz Glowacki' said previously:

| So , I just cant keep my rc5 client running for longer than 10 minutes ,
| it always gets killed (no matter what i will set , and what i will do :) )

Are you root on this box, or are you just a "mortal user"?

If the machine has any hardware problems, then CPU-intensive processes
such as RC5 are most likely to bring them out.

I had a 486 whose interrupt controller started getting flaky.  After
awhile, timer interrupts--those 100Hz interrupts that cause
task-switches if a process doesn't block on a syscall, along with other
doing nice things such as updating the system time--would simply stop
coming in.  If RC5 was running, then most activity on the machine
started freezing, albeit not completely (since the RC5 process itself
would make syscalls, giving an opportunity for a task switch).  If it
wasn't running, the system could go quite awhile longer with the
stopped clock (amazingly) before things started getting weird.

I would check through your kernel message log to see if you notice
anything strange (eg. odd kernel messages, etc).  See if other CPU-
intensive tasks run without a problem (things like a kernel build).

Good luck,


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