[RC5] FW: 3.8 teraflops!

Ackerson, Greg ackerson_ga at nns.com
Tue Jun 2 09:41:13 EDT 1998

> Thanks to the latest post-weekend burst, Dist.Net is a ~3.8 teraflops
> machine. That kind of processing power *can't* go unnoticed for long!
> Sure, it's difficult to break most problems into discrete pieces such that
> Dist.Net is useful; but SO WHAT??? It's 3.8 TERAFLOPS! AND IT'S FREE!
> Just imagine how much greater the response would be if Dist.Net was
> working on something really meaningful, like the Genome project, hot
> fusion modeling, 30-day weather forecasting, galactic modeling, etc.
> I hope it doesn't take us breaking RC5-64 (at least another year) to get
> the kind of explosive press we need to surge to eminence. This much
> computing power should be doing something useful.
It's obvious only a tiny fraction of Internet-ready machines are
participating in Bovine; what do you think is the best way for us to us to
get more coverage, and consequently, more participation?
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