[RC5] 2 machines...

Scott Dodson scott.dodson at bozax.iainc.net
Mon Jun 1 22:10:16 EDT 1998

Chris Eaton wrote:
> At 02:26 PM 31/05/98 , you wrote:
> >I have two machines, or rather, will have in about 1/2 hour :). Each of
> >these will be running a Win32 rc5 client. Only one has a modem/inet
> >connection, they are *not* networked/connected.
> >
> >Any suggestions as to the best way to upload the completed blocks from
> >the second, non-connected machine?
> Barring any better ideas that may come along, there is sneakernet. Take a
> floppy disk and swap the buffer files that way. (of course you should use
> large
> buffers for this so you only have to do it peridocially, as really it is kind
> of annoying to do every day).

Then i'd set up a shortcut to the client, and have it point to the
buffers on the disk, and run it with the -update command.

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