[RC5] New Projects - (was FW: 3.8 teraflops!)

Allen Unueco allen at premierweb.com
Tue Jun 2 22:17:12 EDT 1998

>> Thanks to the latest post-weekend burst, Dist.Net is a ~3.8 teraflops
>> machine. That kind of processing power *can't* go unnoticed for long!
>> Sure, it's difficult to break most problems into discrete pieces such 
>> Dist.Net is useful; but SO WHAT??? It's 3.8 TERAFLOPS! AND IT'S FREE!
>> Just imagine how much greater the response would be if Dist.Net was
>> working on something really meaningful, like the Genome project, hot
>> fusion modeling, 30-day weather forecasting, galactic modeling, etc.
>> I hope it doesn't take us breaking RC5-64 (at least another year) to get
>> the kind of explosive press we need to surge to eminence. This much
>> computing power should be doing something useful.
>It's obvious only a tiny fraction of Internet-ready machines are
>participating in Bovine; what do you think is the best way for us to us to
>get more coverage, and consequently, more participation?

I personally thing that the SETI at home project would be a great way to get a 
lot of press, and what a killer project.  I think that SETI at home should 
drop "BigScience" and join up with Distributed.Net.  The response that 
SETI at home got from their few press appearances was awesome.  But BigScience 
seems to have totally dropped the ball, on the other hard Distribued.net is 
kicking major butt.

>From looking at the spec of the V3 d.net clients it seems like V3 would 
work VERY well with the SETI at home project.  Also I wouldn't be surprised if 
the amount of computers working for d.net instantly doubled if they could 
work on SETI at home.  I know many people that love the idea of d.net but 
their view of encryption cracking is not very high.   I think they feel we 
are a bunch of hackers trying to break into the pentagon.  :)

SETI at home would put a much more respectable face on d.net.

D.Net, are you guys working with the SETI at home people?

Waiting for SETI at Home,
Allen Unueco
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