[RC5] Will There Ever be a New QNX Client?

James Kew JKew at softwright.co.uk
Wed Jun 3 10:03:11 EDT 1998

Santeri Saarimaa wrote:
>>Folks may also note that Cisco is moving towards using QNX as a base
>>operating system.  This might imply that someday folks can use those
>>spare router cycles for something useful.  ;-)
>Can't resist on saying this: Are there any?-)

On the internet backbone, probably not. But the routing hardware here is
largely idle about 14 hours a day -- a few packets as email trickles in,
but nothing else. I suspect this is the case for many routers.

That said, collecting the spare cycles on all the machines the router
serves would be *way* more effective than collecting the router's spare
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