[RC5] Re: Putting Postscript printers to work

Ryan Schmidt berrytech at bigfoot.com
Thu Jun 4 02:47:51 EDT 1998

>I don't know what the computing power of a Postscript printer is (about the
>level of a i386 maybe?), but if we start this way, why don't we put XT's
>and AT's to work? I know RC5 depends heavily on 32 bits instructions, but
>it is easier (I think) to get the clients working on those machines, and
>there are quite a few still around (at least I have some of them I can dust
>off, even a 8088 running good old CP/M.... ;-). Or is this silly? Any

I don't know about laser printers' processors either, but putting much slower
machines to work really does seem pointless. For example, take a look at my
keyrate plot:


In the beginning, I was running only on my 33 MHz Quadra 630. Then, where you
see the increase, I've added a dual PowerPC 66 MHz BeBox into the mix. (The
2-week-long spike is where I was including 2 Power Mac 7200/100s as well.) But
the point is that everything I've done on my Quadra since I joined in January
could have been done on the BeBox in a few days. The contributions of slower
machines are negligible, a point which will be proved further when I get my new
233 MHz G3 machine in a few weeks...
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