[RC5] Gui client on Win98

Shawn Cox spcox at windmill.net
Thu Jun 4 01:26:02 EDT 1998

> > I'm in and out of this mailing list. Are there any known
> problems with the
> > client on Windows98?  I've tried running it and it just stays idle...
> I'm running win98 RC5 build 1998 and d.net build 400 and having
> no probs at
> all!... check you've got the latest build & your setup is correct, you may
> have a "pausefile" present...

I had manually selected my CPU type to be Intel Pentium, but upon changing
it to autodetect it now works.  I have a P200 non-MMX.  Could someone with a
similar chip confirm this on Win98?

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