[RC5] rc5 beta client warning

Greg Wooledge wooledge at kellnet.com
Thu Jun 4 20:10:32 EDT 1998

I've been using the beta Linux client for the last few days.  It seems
to work well, but there was one point which caused some difficulty for
me until I figured out what was happening.  I thought I would share this
with the list in case someone else runs into it.

The number corresponding to the HTTP encoding method has changed (from
4 to 2, I believe).  This means that if you keep your .ini file around
from the older versions, and if you use HTTP communications, your client
won't be able to talk to the keyservers.

The fix is to run the client with the -config option and go through all
the options.  The -config code is completely different now.  You'd better
check everything just to be safe (in my case all I had to change was
the HTTP encoding option, but you never know).  Then restart the client
if it's already running.

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