[RC5] Differing Key Rates

Ed Wensell III aka THE StormRaiser EWENSELL at pstcc.cc.tn.us
Thu Jun 4 09:29:40 EDT 1998

=> Hi,  I am running th RC5 client on my work Win-NT machine.  When I look at
=> my stats, I see that there are widly different
=> amounts of blocks processed.  I understand why these can change, depening on
=> what I am working on, but for instance on Sunday last I got about 106
=> blocks, on Monday I got only 60 odd - And Monday was a bank holiday here in
=> Ireland, so there was no one using my system.  Anyone got a reasonable
=> answer???  I know I have an automated backup daily, but this is alwayhs run
=> at the same time and so should have the same effect.  Also, I am not running
=> Fast Find or anything, and there is no scheduled Virus check
=> either..........

At a command prompt, type AT and see if there are any jobs scheduled (if the
Schedule Service is running)...

Until soon...
Ed Wensell III
Systems and Operations Support, Pellissippi State

 "...would you please not shoot at the thermo-nuclear weapons!?" - Broken Arrow
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