[RC5] Differing Key Rates

Tim Charron tcharron at interlog.com
Wed Jun 3 22:01:40 EDT 1998

> Hi,  I am running th RC5 client on my work Win-NT machine.  When I look at
> my stats, I see that there are widly different
> amounts of blocks processed.  I understand why these can change, depening on
> what I am working on, but for instance on Sunday last I got about 106
> blocks, on Monday I got only 60 odd - And Monday was a bank holiday here in
> Ireland, so there was no one using my system.  Anyone got a reasonable
> answer???  I know I have an automated backup daily, but this is alwayhs run
> at the same time and so should have the same effect.  Also, I am not running
> Fast Find or anything, and there is no scheduled Virus check
> either..........

The single largest aggregate use of cpu cycles on office machines is 
graphics intensive screen savers.  Is there any chance you're running 

-- Tim

Tim Charron
timc at distributed.net
tcharron at interlog.com

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