[RC5] Putting Postscript printers to work

Ed Wensell III aka THE StormRaiser EWENSELL at pstcc.cc.tn.us
Thu Jun 4 08:58:59 EDT 1998

=> On Tue, 2 Jun 1998, Jean-Marc V. Liotier wrote:

=> > This topic already emerged some time ago but spawned no discussion,
=> > which
=> > seems strange to me since it looks like the cumulative power of all
=> > Postscript
=> > printers our there may well be worth the coding.
=> [...]

=> Another problem is that the only way of showing results is by printing
=> them. So you will have to print out a line like "the block

Not neccessarily. My HP 4 has it's own 10base-T connection to the network with 
an IP address. It can actually be TELNETted in to for administration. Don't 
know how much fenagling it would take to make it communicate out (probably 
firmware), but...

Also, the printer probably wouldn't need a full-fledged RC5 client. All it
needs is the block and the algorithm. A stripped down client could sit on a PC
handling the communications between the printer and keyservers... And manage
key storage... Regardless of whether the printer is networked or directly
connected through a printer port.

So far it looks like the queueing problem would be the big one (although,
simply sending smaller blocks of keys so print jobs could get in between 
would probably take care of that)...

As a sidenote to networked printers, some of the new big printers have their 
own built-in web server for administration and setup (we have a new Xerox that
does that. It also has a 1.5 gig IDE drive in it for on-board spooling and form
storage... Go fig).

Until soon...
Ed Wensell III
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