[RC5] Differing Key Rates

Greg Wooledge wooledge at kellnet.com
Thu Jun 4 20:06:26 EDT 1998

Declan Costello (Declan.Costello at qntm.com) wrote:

> but for instance on Sunday last I got about 106
> blocks, on Monday I got only 60 odd - And Monday was a bank holiday here in
> Ireland, so there was no one using my system.

If you're using a block size other than 2^28, you can and will get
different-sized blocks.  (Search the list archives for explanations of

Those 60 blocks from Monday were probably larger blocks (on average)
than the 106 blocks on Sunday.

If you want to know how much actual work was done, it's probably easiest
to look on the stats page (http://rc5stats.distributed.net/) -- some of
the new pages there will show you exactly how many 2^28 blocks (or
their equivalent in larger blocks) you did each day.

If you don't want to check the stats page, you can multiply the keyrate
in the summary line by the number of seconds on the same line.  For
example, in my latest summary line I have:

[Jun 04 22:02:42 GMT] Summary: 32 RC5 Blocks 2.23:23:35.66 - [61584.53 keys/s]

If my arithmetic is correct, that means that in the last just-under-3-days
I've done about 15.83 billion keys, on this one machine (I have 4
full-time RC5 machines, and this one (486/66) is the second fastest).

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