[RC5] SGI weird performance

Max MAX at newsmaker.net
Thu Jun 4 20:24:00 EDT 1998


    I am running rc5 version 2 clients on various machines, and I found some unexpected statistics :

A Penitum II 300 Mhz gives around 800 000 k/sec

A Silicon Graphics Origin 2000 with four MIPS processor gives around 250 000 k/sec

A Silicon Graphics O2 R5000 gives around 140 000 k/sec

That's slower than a Pentium 120 Mhz (Around 160 000 k/sec).

Setting the processor usage on the client to 2 (normal priority) didn't change the numbers much.
I even tried to open more than one session on the Origin, but as every session started the original one decreased of around 15 000 k/sec.

Why are the SGI so slow ?? Other applications on them are way much faster than Intel machines ...

Many thanks 

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