[RC5] WINNTWS 4 freezes

Michael K. Weise mkw at att.net
Fri Jun 5 15:42:04 EDT 1998

Karman wrote:
> First: Hello to everybody. I'm new here.

Hello, and welcome.
> Second: My problem.
> I'm using Windows NT 4.00 Workstation with Service Pack3 and when I'm
> running the CLI or the service client [I haven't tried GUI client yet]
> WinNT freezes with PAGE FAULT, Access Violation and other errors. But
> not RC5DES caused these errors but my other programs running [WinAMP,
> Forte Agent, FAR etc.]. When the client isn't running it never
> happens. Kind of this happened with my Win95 too, but with the GUI
> client.

I'm running NTWS 4.0 SP3 as well, and winamp used to give me a BSOD
("TRAP_CAUSE_UNKNOWN") occasionally (sometimes 2 minutes into playing a
file, sometimes an hour.) It never occurred to me that the problem could
have anything to do with rc5des. I got rid of the problem by getting rid of
winamp and using Microsoft's mplay2.exe (beta version) instead. I haven't
gotten a single BSOD since.

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