[RC5] How to Interpret Keyspace Plots, please?

gindrup at okway.okstate.edu gindrup at okway.okstate.edu
Mon Jun 8 17:59:35 EDT 1998

     If all blocks in the 0x64 space were sent before any blocks in the 
     0x66 space were sent there would be significant increase in 
     redundant work by the d.net network.  Image, e.g., that there is 
     only one block left in the 0x64 keyspace and everyone is working on 
     it.  It would be much better for those clients to have something new 
     and different to work on like an untried block in 0x66.
     Also, when the first dual-core RC5/DES cores were released, there 
     was some concern that the RC% cores might pollute the 0x64 subspace, 
     so the base subspace was moved to 0x66.  Later, the remainder of the 
     0x64 subspace was reissued.
     Also, for a long-haul contest like RC5-64, clients typically grab 
     *lots* of blocks.  When we were just starting 0x64, people didn't 
     know how long a thousand blocks (for example) would take to crack.  
     Some of those people are still cracking them.  There's no reason to 
     duplicate their work.  There is something to be said for reducing 
     your buff-in if you are one of these people though...
     Finally, the central keyserver has (theoretically) enough diskspace 
     to store 4 concurrent subspaces.  Thus, there is little reason to 
     reissue 0x64 until 0x6a has been issued once, *then* reissue the 
     unfinished portions of 0x64.  The idea in this case is the same, but 
     the execution is on a sequence of subspaces because the keyserver 
     can store that much on-line information about assigned/returned 
            -- Eric Gindrup ! gindrup ! gindrup at okway.okstate.edu

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Subject: [RC5] How to Interpret Keyspace Plots, please? 
Author:  <rc5 at llamas.net> at SMTP
Date:    6/6/98 7:27 AM

I went to the keyspace plots page 
and I found the following data
Sent 0x64 98.03%
Sent 0x66 81.45%
Sent 0x68 86.09%
Sent 0x6a 34.87%
I do not understand that why do not they send out all 0x64 blocks (i.e. 
100%), before they start to send out 0x66 blocks. 
Could someone tell me what is the reason that D.Net starts to distribute 
a new keyspace before they have send out all blocks in an "old" 
keyspace, please?
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