[RC5] Serious business applications?

William williamd at www.the-corridor.com
Tue Jun 9 07:08:29 EDT 1998

Working on encryption for fun is great but are there any serious bussiness
applications that can benefit from this kind of massive distibuted
computing?  The office I'm currently working at has about 200 desktop PC's
sitting at an average of 50% idle or greater during the day.  After 5:00
they are at an average of 100% idle.  The company also has a computer room
full of Unix, Mainframe, NT, and AS/400 systems working away.  If the idle
cycles of the "farm" of desktop PCs could be utilized, they wouldn't need 
so much horse power in the computer room.  The company that I'm working
for is in the retail industry and uses typical database/data
warehousing applications.
Has Distirbuted Net been approached to produce any distributed business
applications?  Can this massive distributed computing model be extended to
produce any typical or useful business applications?

williamd at the-corridor.com

William Rozmiarek
...consultant at large
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