Lack of communication, was: Re: [RC5] Supspace 0x68

George D. Nincehelser george at
Mon Jun 8 20:14:26 EDT 1998

Richard Ellis wrote:

> And once again we seem to have encountered the same old problem with
> A severe lack of communication between the high elite and those of us in the
> trenches.

Oh, Please.  Let's not make this more of an issue than it needs to be.  I know
that people like Jim don't consider themselves the "high elite".  Neither do
some of us consider ourselves "in the trenches".  More accurately, the main
difference between folks here is the level of involvement.  If you don't like
the way things are going, volunteer your services and try to improve things.


> This is the kind of information that we want (and need) to know,

Speak for yourself.  I really don't care too much about this.  I'm donating raw
processing power towards the effort, and the more active folks are in charge of
managing it.  If they do something bone-headed in management that wastes
processing time, it's their problem and I'm sure they'll figure it out.  If
nothing else, any mistakes will teach us all something about distributed
processing management.   (This is an experiment, remember?)


> And please don't use the same old tired excuse of "we are volunteers
> spending our free time on this project and there's not enough of that to go
> around."

That's a perfectly valid response.  They are volunteers who are more deeply
involved than most of us.

> I have news for you, those of us in the trenches are also
> "volunteers" and we are also "spending our free time on this project" and we
> too generally do "not [have] enough of that to go around,"

True, but our level of involvement is much, much lower.  There's a big
difference between those who just run the cracking programs and those trying to
actively manage the process.

> yet somehow we
> continue to find the time to run the clients and find new machinery to bring
> into the project.

Yes, but that effort is fairly trivial compared to the efforts of some of these
people.  Unless you're spending many of your hours a week towards the effort
(yours, not your machine's) then you aren't contributing on their level.

>  It takes all of about 30 seconds to type out an email to
> the announce list with that single line above after the decision is made to
> reissue a subspace.

Big deal.  The message would have meant little to me and probably at least 95%
of the participants.  I would have tossed it without reading it.

> Therefore the extra time for a little communication
> between the elite and us in the trenches shouldn't keep anyone away from
> anything.  And that 30 seconds spent would create far more good will towards
> the project than the ill will created when we find out after the fact that a
> switch occured but we were not told about it.

Communication is always good, but this particular issue is no reason to get your
undies in a bunch.

Let those more involved manage the process.  Be a sheep (err...cow?) like me and
just crack blindly.  If you want to be part of the management process, then get
involved and quityerbitchen.

I'm udderly proud to be a small cow on this big farm.

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