[RC5] Palm Pilot client?

Tim Charron tcharron at interlog.com
Tue Jun 9 21:44:23 EDT 1998

> Has there been any consideration of building a Palm Pilot client? It
> contains a Motorola 68328 cpu, so it may be able to run the Macintosh
> version, with minimal changes.
> There is a platform that has a lot of idle time. Now all we need it a way
> to convince the "PIM" crowd to install it (maybe as part of an autodialer
> app?).
> Bruce Hibbard

I'm now the proud owner of a Palm III.  I've even actually written 
some code for it.  While I did consider porting the bovine client, I 
dismissed it fairly quickly.  The PalmOS puts the cpu into sleep mode 
at every opportunity in order to save batteries.  If running a 
computationally intensive application, batteries don't last long 
(I've discovered this while playing Chess far too much).  These 
devices do not have a built in battery charger, nor do they have the 
ability to use an AC jack.  Instead of speed in keys per second, I 
think we'd be hearing quotes in terms of how many keys were cracked 
per pair of batteries.

-- Tim
Tim Charron
timc at distributed.net
tcharron at interlog.com

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