[RC5] How to Interpret Keyspace Plots, please?

Tony Li tli at juniper.net
Tue Jun 9 13:28:19 EDT 1998

gindrup at okway.okstate.edu writes:

>      If all blocks in the 0x64 space were sent before any blocks in the 
>      0x66 space were sent there would be significant increase in 
>      redundant work by the d.net network.  Image, e.g., that there is 
>      only one block left in the 0x64 keyspace and everyone is working on 
>      it.  It would be much better for those clients to have something new 
>      and different to work on like an untried block in 0x66.
>      Also, when the first dual-core RC5/DES cores were released, there 
>      was some concern that the RC% cores might pollute the 0x64 subspace, 
>      so the base subspace was moved to 0x66.  Later, the remainder of the 
>      0x64 subspace was reissued.

I guess there must be something really confusing going on here.  When we

> Sent 0x64 98.03%

That implies to me that 1.97% of that block has not been sent out the
_first_ time.

I do understand how not sending it out the first time prevents redundant
work, but I don't understand how not sending it out the first time gives us
forward progress.  I would expect 0x64 to be 100% sent by now.

What does 'sent' really mean?

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