Lack of communication, was: Re: [RC5] Supspace 0x68

Travis Siegel tsiegel at
Tue Jun 9 18:10:12 EDT 1998

While I agree that perhaps not a big deal should be made about this
particular issue (letting us know when a key block is being reissued) I do
also believe that it would help to know when it's happening.  I've pulled
5 of my dos machines from the project, because I never knew when their
work was being duplicated by the key blocks being reissued.  After seeing
on multiple occasions that my blocks weren't being counted (presumably
because they were submitted by someone else first) I simply took my dos
machines off the project, because it wasn't worth the effort of keeping
them cracking.  (I'd give them rather large buffers so I'd not have to
worry about them for a while)  But this caused many of the blocks they
were working on to be given to others once the key blocks were reissued.
Had a message to this effect been issued to the list, I could have flushed
their done blocks that day, and then pulled down new blocks while letting
the ones they had not completed be reissued without worrying about
duplication.  I for one would very much like to see such announcements.
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