[RC5] Recruiting new participants

Robert Brooks robertb at geocities.com
Tue Jun 9 15:42:39 EDT 1998

At 09:54 PM 06/08/1998 +0200, Thomas Grewe wrote:
>I think if there are some more
>well-renowned non-profit organizations participants can vote/crack for
>more people can be attracted.
[and named several worthy organizations]

Of course, the problem with adding additional organizations to the list is
that you might end up with a diluted pool of votes, with no clear winner to
get the whole pot.  Or the computing-related orgs might still get the
largest proportion of votes, which would only frustrate the newly-acquired

So how about this (after the stats server gets another upgrade):

Open up the org list to include a large cross-section of (online)
non-profit organizations [1].  Allow blocks to be voted for the org of
choice, as is done now.  When the prize is won, distribute the charity
prize proportionately among all charities that garnered over 5% of the
total blocks voted.  This will reward charities that motivate their members
to install the client, while preventing administrative headaches involved
in sending out checks for US$1.49.

Obviously, this would require some work on the part of the already
overworked d.net crew... but might it be worth it?

[1] A large cross-section of orgs would be required to prevent controversy,
but conflict is still possible (or inevitable).  If you include Catholic
Charities, do you balance it with Planned Parenthood?  The National Rifle
Association and Handgun Control Ltd.?  The Democratic and Republican
national committees?  What about the Libertarians?  Southern Baptists and
Mormons (they're both in Salt Lake City this week, so maybe someone can ask
them)?  This alone may be enough of a headache for the d.net "elite" (just
joking!) to give it a thumbs-down.

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