[RC5] How to Interpret Keyspace Plots, please?

Jocelyn Doire jdoire at cslo.consultronics.on.ca
Wed Jun 10 23:00:07 EDT 1998


>| I do not understand that why do not they send out all 0x64 blocks
>(i.e. | 100%), before they start to send out 0x66 blocks. 

According to someone on the IRC (Nugget I think), the key server
does not switch automatically subspace, so someone has to do it. The
0x64 subspace was expected to be exhausted in the middle in the
night, so be sure that there would be enough keys to send, he
switched the keyserver to a new subspace before the end of the
subspace, leaving a few keys unsent.  This make the subspace 
plot at http://www.distributed.net/statistics/graphs/ a bit messy, 
but it's better to do that than not having blocks to send.
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