[RC5] Recruiting new participants

Seth Bokelman sethb at iastate.edu
Tue Jun 9 15:59:30 EDT 1998

I agree that the prospect of using the cash generated by cracking codes for
non-profit organizations is an excellent way to recruit more involvement in
the program, but I, for one, don't necessarily want to read all the debate
in my mailing lists about the politics of the groups who may receive the
cash.  Take Greenpeace, while I have absolutely nothing against them, I'm
sure others will take offense at their methods, or somesuch, and I don't
wanna hear it. :)
	Also, I think that the few thousand dollars raised by our projects
can have a bigger impact on some of the smaller groups currently being
voted for by the participants.  For instance, $6000 for d.net could buy a
great new stats server, but for UNICEF, it's just another drop of water in
a budget as large as theirs.  That's not to say their work isn't important,
but I feel that "I" (and yes, I'm being selfish here) would see a bigger
impact on my life by niftier stats than I would by giving 6 grand to
-Seth H. Bokelman

>recently the question came up about how to get more coverage and more
>participation. There were also some people mentioning, that cracking
>codes is not a very attractive task. I think if there are some more
>well-renowned non-profit organizations participants can vote/crack for
>more people can be attracted. The non-profit organizations now available
>are all somehow computer-orientated. Some people not so deep into
>computing might be more willing to let a program run on their computers,
>when they think that the possible price money would be donated to an
>organizations, which tries to help "real" (non computer related)
>problems or needs. I first thought about UNICEF.
>Slogans like "Let your computer help children in its sparetime" or
>"What your computer can do against hunger" come into my mind.
>I guess "the secretary sitting in front of the computer" would
>be more willing to let a program run, which might help such a cause,
>than for the other non-profit organizations.
>Other organizations might be:
>amnesty international: http://www.amnesty.org/
>International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies:
>Greenpeace: http://www.greenpeace.org
>What do you think about that ?
>Thomas Grewe
>email: Thomas.Grewe at strz.uni-giessen.de
>WWW:  http://www.uni-giessen.de/~gl23/
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