[RC5] New Beta Clients

Remi Guyomarch rguyom at mail.dotcom.fr
Sat Jun 13 01:54:35 EDT 1998

Oscar Chang wrote:
>   The following beta clients are available at
>   http://www.distributed.net/betatest.html
> rc5des-408-bsdi2-x86-static.tar.gz
> rc5des-408-freebsd-x86-nonmt-dynamic.tar.gz
> rc5des-v2.7022.407-alpha-osf.tar.gz
> rc5des408-linux-arm-cli.tar.gz
> rc5des408-linux-x86-mt.tar.gz
> rc5des408-linux-x86-nomt.tar.gz
> rc5des408-linux-x86aout-nomt.tar.gz
> rc5des408-netbsd-arm-cli.tar.gz
> rc5des408-os390-nomt.tar.gz
> rc5des408a-riscos-arm-cli.arc
> rc5des408a-riscos-arm-gui.arc
>   The new Alpha/OSF client is about 10% faster then the previous build.

Unix x86 clients have a bug causing a core dump on 486DX when they try
to detect processor model and brand. It shows under Linux but perhaps
also under bsdi and/or freebsd. We're working on it.
If you're hit by this bug, you can still force the client to use a
particular processor-optimized code with "./rc5des -config" or "./rc5des
-c <n>".

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