Lack of communication, was: Re: [RC5] Supspace 0x68

Edwin ten Dam etd at
Fri Jun 12 18:32:19 EDT 1998

Thus spoke the keyboard of gindrup at, 
gindrup at on 09/06/98 22:34:

>     I tend to agree that this "shot" was a little stronger that I felt 
>     about the issue.
>     And this is the sort of thing that "medium involved" people need to 
>     know -- people like me who run *a lot* of off-line MS-DOS machines 
>     because networking these MCA PS/2s would cost too much.  People in 
>     the "large off-line" camp *have* to know when the subspace their 
>     off-line pools are working on are being reissued so they can flush 
>     buffers and not completely waste the effort they've put into 
>     sneaker-netting the blocks to each member of the off-line farm.

OK, so now the keyspace plots are on line, doesn't that show you when 
we're nearing the end of a subspace? (Although a message to the list 
would be nice)



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