[RC5] Win 3.1 beta client

Scott Dodson scott.dodson at bozax.iainc.net
Fri Jun 12 01:33:25 EDT 1998

Loren Thiel wrote:
> I tried installing the Win 3.1 beta....
> Upon first running...it complained that winsock.dll could not be found...
> well, that's ok cuz the 386 its running on has no net connection....which
> was set in the ini file (off line only).  However, when there are buff
> files in the dir it was run from...it says "generating random block" then
> craps out with: Win32s - Error GUIWIN16.EXE  Unhandled Exception detected.
> (Code: 0xC0000090 GUIWIN16.EXE:2D0C4) Application will be terminated.
> Then...a window pops up with the title "Error" and a message "Oops".  :) hehe
> Then another Win32s Error  Unhandled Exception detected. (Code: 0xC0000027
> W32SKRNL.dll:8FF3)  Application will be terminated.
> So, basically what I'm saying is..I can't get the Win3.1 client to
> work...anyone else have similar problems and able to fix them?

I had those same problems, what i did was start up trumpet winsock, and
just leave that open, with no connection, and it would start and run


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