[RC5] Recruiting new participants

Chris Eaton tridus at inforamp.net
Sat Jun 13 11:36:23 EDT 1998

At 03:42 PM 09/06/98 , you wrote:
>Of course, the problem with adding additional organizations to the list is
>that you might end up with a diluted pool of votes, with no clear winner to
>get the whole pot.  Or the computing-related orgs might still get the
>largest proportion of votes, which would only frustrate the newly-acquired

I don't really think that the new people not winning would frustrate them that
much, it'd only be a problem if they only get like 5 supporters. I've noticed
that problem right now, it seems like a lot of people voted for the FSF and
then forgot about it, so basically no charity that gets added could ever beat
the FSF (not that thats a bad thing mind you).

If D.Net is going to add more charities, I think they should also reset
everyone's vote so people will be reminded to go vote again from the new list.
That way you could get a better view of where the masses want the charity
to go. In which case, the new people will feel that things aren't stacked
against them from the beginning and will be encouraged to get more involved &
get more votes.

I also like the idea of splitting the money evenly among all the charities
get a certain amount of votes, however what would that % be? 10% maybe? 5
a little bit small.
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